Eco-Friendly LA Based Designer Rochelle Ratkovich’s Launches New Collection of Upcycled Jackets

Los Angeles, 4 March 2018 – ​Rochelle Ratkovich’s newest collection “Haus of Pook” is now available, the collection is inspired by aesthetic animal print.

A staunch vegan and lawyer building her way to the fashion corners of the world. A Hollywood-based lawyer by day and timely fashion designer started her clothing line by designing jackets for “my boyfriend and my friends.” With the aid of efficient technology, it went viral in the blink of an eye during the last “Burning Man” and “Life is Beautiful” festival. Haus of Pook’s first ever collection sold out post fashion show at sterling fashion runways.  

Rochelle’s masterpieces are inspired by Gucci, Alexander McQueen, and Versace, Rochelle embellishes each jacket by hand. She states – “I use upcycled jackets selected from swap meets, thrift stores and everything in between. My goal is to transform unwanted clothing into one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art. I spend about 40 hours on every jacket.” Each piece is unique, offering a real California touch featuring hand dyed fabrics, vintage ribbons, and ombre handcraft. ​No two pieces are the same. Each piece is unique and will never be replicated, Rochelle further adds.

Since the rage of animal print is steadily taking the world with immense creativity attached to it, Rochelle’s vegan-friendly nature will be uprooted in the next collection. She will be working with cruelty-free substance and is currently for a lookout – conclusive eco-friendly textile alternatives.

Haus of Pook newly released jackets for men and women:  

  • Jackets for men carry an average retail price of $600-$700 and are fabricated from denim bases with elaborated ​vintage iron-on patches dating back to 70’s & 80’s.
  • While jackets for women carry a similar average retail price and include ​hand-dyed ombre fringe, aesthetic leopard print, esteemed jewels and million-dollar stones embroidered on the jacket, in contrary to this, Rochelle vehemently offers custom commission pieces and made-to-order jackets for new clients. They would surely admire a custom piece. The pieces start at various prices depending on the level of detail. “I like to have a certain amount of freedom with my creativity, but I love to collaborate with a new collector.” She further adds.
  • Rochelle lives a life that we all desire, she is a fortunate business lawyer based in Los Angeles and has been vigorously involved in the fashion industry for almost four years. She has a vision for lucid fashion that will soon encapsulate into various cultures.

Expanding Beyond Festivals

While Haus of Pook is a very well-known brand among the area of underground festivals, the Maison is aiming to diversify beyond Burner frontiers and is glancing at boutique representation for the upcoming season.  

Haus of Pook is breaking every barrier – its latest collaborations with groundbreaking vegan designers such as Beatrice Holiday have been part of the entire affair to leverage fashion with conscious fabrics and upcycling existing clothing while merging exquisite styles and exploding undulating expressions.

The upcycled jackets come so chic with an affordable price tag. These wearable arts and an alluring masterpiece have left top-notch designers and the global media impressed. At the same time, the collection has grabbed several eyeballs and attracted popular fashion experts to wear them and to entail Haus of Pook as a massive revolutionary movement.

“As the Founder of Haus of Pook, I think it is essential for me to share a part of myself with every jacket and empower others to embrace their inner spirit and individuality,” states the designer.

Haus of Pook has already been manifested during two sterling fashion runways as of 2018.  

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