Everteen menstrual cup: FAQs You Need to Know

Everteen Menstrual Cups

With new age trends, women are steadily taking over the world by upgrading their hygiene routine to the next level. There was a time when just the use of sanitary pads was considered a privilege, those times have gone now, and women constantly feel the need to change the hygiene situation. Due to time constraints, a lot of women are switching to new age survival techniques.

Everteen Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are no more considered as a taboo, women have accepted the use of menstrual cups in the public and digital space openly. When menstrual cups entered the market, it upset a lot of women for many reasons, their main concerns were – are menstrual cups safe to use? Do they catch infections? And so on.

What is Everteen menstrual cup?

Everteen menstrual cup offers India’s largest variety of finest sanitary supplies for overall feminine hygiene. The everteen menstrual Cup is made up of medical-grade silicone which is soft, easy, safe and irritation free. Everteen menstrual cups come with wearable silicon that is extremely comfortable to wear. Unlike the constant fear of spreading, overflowing and over leaking in the case of sanitary pads, Everteen menstrual cups comes in great use when one is involved in their favorite indoor and outdoor activities like dancing, swimming, and yoga, etc. The best feature that Everteen menstrual cup has is that it provides you up to 12 hours leak-proof protection during usual periods.

Fret not, Everteen answers list of doubts concerning menstrual cups.

  • Are Everteen menstrual cups reusable?

Yes, Everteen menstrual cups are reusable. It is the time to ditch sanitary pads and switch to modern methods to accelerate feminine hygiene. Everteen menstrual cups are reusable for as long as 10 years. They are safe to use, unlike the sanitary napkins. The difference between the sanitary pads and menstrual cups is that a single sanitary pad cannot be used but a single menstrual cup can be used repeatedly.

  • Do the Everteen menstrual cups leak?

No, the Everteen menstrual cups do not leak. Everteen menstrual cups are better than sanitary pads since they are leak free for up to 12 hours. Everteen menstrual cups don’t flood as pads do.

  • Do the Everteen menstrual cups cause rashes?

No, the Everteen menstrual cups do not cause any rashes. Since, it is made up of medical-grade silicone which is soft, easy, safe and irritation free. The add on is that it doesn’t carry any menstrual odor, dryness, any sort of discomfort, itching or for that matter rashes.

  • How frequently do I need to change the Everteen menstrual cups?

Unlike, the changing timeline in sanitary pads, menstrual pads need less removal and reinserting.

  • Do the Everteen menstrual cups cause cramps?

No, the Everteen menstrual cups don’t cause any cramps, in fact, the suction created by the seal of the Everteen menstrual cup is known to reduce it.

Everteen menstrual cups are gaining a lot of attention in the feminine market. It is a must try product for women who are searching for a comfortable alternative to sanitary pads.

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