Newly launched online makeup store “HOK MAKEUP”

HOK Makeup

We breathe in a society where we are apprised from a young age to bury our flaws and insecurities, at a later stage those flaws expand and become a part of a fully bloomed being. The world has gone global – art is grazing its abode towards a human ‘doll up’ mission. In the current scenario, humans are getting themselves involved in the world of makeup irrespective of the gender, because everyone wants to look good and want to get easily framed in the elements of makeup. Imagine if makeup becomes extinct, it would be rough for girls to ever feel confident and feel good in their own skins. Working out any lipstick or concealer are best fitted to boost any girl’s confidence and make her potholes under eyes go away.

HOK Makeup

With the year passing by with the endless makeup trends, launches and brands – our eyes crossed over a budding makeup online store HOK Makeup.

Let’s roll into the time line of HOK Makeup India!

Since, there is a gush of makeup products and popular brands in every corner, customers are always vouching for something fresh – with innumerable websites customers are confused what to opt for. HOK Makeup India is one such newly launched venture that took its wheels around 2017. With the products directly sourced from the brands, it offers innumerable discounts with 100% genuine international brands.

What to purchase from HOK?

Ever since, HOK Makeup has hit the target customers, online store for purchasing innumerable brands is growing steadily. International and popular brands such as Wet N Wild, Revolution, L.A Girl, Nicka K, Revolution Pro, L.A Colors, Absolute New York, Skin Republic, Shany, Makeup Obsession, W7 Cosmetics, Australis Cosmetics, Lord & Berry, Lottie, Miss Spa and Innoxa are available to shop from the HOK Makeup online store. The shipping rate is 50 rs for orders below 600 rs.

Features of HOK Makeup –

The brand is a well-equipped, smoothly designed and easy-to-go online shopping website. HOK Makeup offers plenty of good features –

HOK Makeup
  1. Customers can track their orders efficiently.
  2. New arrivals pour down instantly. So, keeping yourself ticked on the mailing list will make you more woke.
  3. Combo offers are easily available under extreme price cut downs.

Other unique features of HOK Makeup

The brand has features that make it different from the rest of the online shopping websites. HOK Makeup India offers its customers with factory outlet and HOK prof. What do they do?

HOK Factory Outlet –

Factory Outlet itself brings lot to our imagination, in this unique feature you can buy expensive brands under price range of 500-100 rs, without disturbing the quality.

HOK Prof –

When I scrolled the HOK website, the first thing that crossed my mind was ‘HOK Prof’. I analyzed that it could be something about blogger collaborations but when I went onto click the tab, I found out that we can purchase similar products in abundance with blooming discounts.

Final Verdict on HOK Makeup

The comparison between HOK Makeup and Nykaa is far from the line and so are their reviews. HOK Makeup is falling behind a good PR and needs a reality check of how their customers react vigorously to failed customer service. The reviews of the e-commerce portal are genuine incepting from their loyal customers. It is vital that brand sheds a light on the customer-based reviews. The fact that girls want the best for themselves with just anything perceived as eye-candy online, huge expectations are worn off when they spend a goat amount of money.

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