Effects of Media on Younger Girls; How Women are Portrayed in Media

In contradictory to the fact that girls should feel empowered they belittle themselves in front of those women who are portrayed strong in the eyes of media, followed by which younger girls fall prey under the trap of media consumption.

Here are the effects of media on younger girls –

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1 – Body Image

Too often young girls feel their self-esteem discounted by mountains when they derive inspiration to be fit through adverts that destroy the ideal image of a woman. How about Active’s juice that contains ingredients to make you slim or Shraddha Kapoor sipping on some green tea to decrease the belly fat? Well, these advertisements might seem extraordinary on television but the ones to fall under their prey are the young girls who switch to green tea thinking that it will bring their imaginary whims and fancies to melt some extras as they maintain. This is not it, girls force upon themselves to join fitness clubs that are bound to make them slim. If it hadn’t been about showing ‘to be fit’ in various adverts, young girls wouldn’t have been self-obsessing about body shaming either.

2 – Fairness Obsessions

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The first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word, ‘fair’ would be fairness creams. I’m not going to make you feel patriarchal over here but in the wordy sense leave you with some hints on how it is causing the destruction of younger generation’s self-esteem and taking a harsh toll on them. Girls nowadays have become deeply obsessive to have fair skin tones. It is hard to tell why they are switching foundations with their actual skin tones to the fairer ones. Media plays a very important role in shaping our values and mainly setting trends. Fairness cream advertisements started from a brand called ‘Fair and Lovely’ and caused a lot of stir in old and current times, this popular ad shows how women would face disapproval in job interviews if they didn’t make any use of fairness creams. They openly address women with skin tones limiting the fair skin tones being rejected. Just imagine, what young girls would be confessing their self-esteem as?  Because even newspaper advertisements that encourage wedding opportunities for women, feel no shame to embrace the fairness system – 5’ ft tall, docile, fair and beautiful, is all!

3 – Social Attitudes

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Popular culture is made up of all things (mostly spice), movies that show glamour, influence young girls to an extent that they tend to start imitating them. Popular movies like mean girls have caused a lot of havoc in many lives, turning girls against reality. While few advertisements and movies also on a large extent hold accountable for largely displaying smoking of cigarettes, consumption of alcohol, sexual ordeal, crime, partying late at night, drug addiction, suicidal tendencies, misleading social behavior or for that matter being stubborn and grumpy, etc. in a glamorous manner.

4 – Girls don’t do it

It’s shocking to face advertisements in the 21st century that portray girls as a homemaker or too docile. On the other hand, men are shown as the tree of strength and the ruler of his own kingdom. Why aren’t girls given equal treatment? While we are often told that change starts from us, but those very words can hurt the sentiments of our family if we turn their wishes against them and chose a path of self-dependence and self-efficient. Girls need to be shown as fire-fighters and not those who wear pink dresses and love Barbie dolls.

Though, effects of media on young girls is beyond explanation. What happens in the world is first created by the media and then consumed in real life thinking it will end up gleaming all glamorous. Though, media consumption for girls has become unsafe because it leads to a path of self-identity and even self-destruction.

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